How to pass url query string value into the elasticsearch SQL query in kibana canvas

I am new to ELK stack. I am making line graphs in kibana canvas with elastic SQL query as a data source. I am trying to fetch the query string value from the url to the SQL query, but the result of the query is "no documents". i m not sure if the url query string value is injected in the SQL query or not but I am getting "no documents" response. I have no idea what to do next. Am i getting the querystring value in sql query or not? Plz help me out of this situation. Any quick response/solution will be appreciated. Thank you.
URL: http://localhost:5601/app/canvas?username=username-1#/workpad/workpad-ff8a53f3-325e-49bd-8146-df482b8fa590/page/1

SQL query: SELECT time,username,bytesIn+bytesOut as data_consumed,status from data_consumed_active_connection where username='"{urlparam param=username}"' order by time

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