Kibana -Canvas : Unable to access URL param value

Hi Team ,
I am trying to filter out values from my Drop down filter.
I want to use URL Param for the same. I have specified url param and trying to get its value in my SQL query. But I am getting result as No documents found.
Please help me to solve this issue.

Canvas URL :

SQL Query : SELECT * FROM "pv_dashboard_99*" WHERE "USERNAME_1" ="'{urlparam param=user default=abc}'"

I also tried using only single quote i.e. '{urlparam param=user default=abc}' but it didn't work. Can you please help @Joe_Fleming
Thanks for the help in advance

If you create an element with this expression, does the result look good ?

urlparam param="user" default="abc"
| string "SELECT * FROM \"pv_dashboard_99*\" WHERE USERNAME_1 = " {context}
| render as="debug"

If so, then the next step is to inject the parameter properly in your essql expression, using a ? and a parameter:

essql query="SELECT * FROM \"pv_dashboard_99*\" WHERE USERNAME_1 = ?" parameter={urlparam param="user" default="abc"}

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