How to prevent RestHighLevelClient from blacklisting the Host in Elasticsearch 8.6.2?

I am using Elasticsearch client version 8.6

we use Elasticsearch as a service and other companies provided us an IP/port to connect to it.

we run heavy, numerous, automated queries against this Elasticsearch and sometimes I‌ see in the logs that the only Ip/port for this Elasticsearch gets blacklisted and this will cause elasticsearch load imbalance.

[DEBUG]-2023/02/19 11:28:01-[http-nio-6060-exec-14]-RestClient.onFailure(514) - added [host=[http://xx.xx.xx.xx:3500]] to blacklist
[DEBUG]-2023/02/19 11:28:01-[http-nio-6060-exec-7]-RestClient.onFailure(521) - updated [host=[http://xx.xx.xx.xx:3500]] already in blacklist

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