How to prevent Watcher from displaying Shield credentials in the output


(Kevin Soucy) #1

Using Watcher 2.2.0 with Shield 2.2.0. Set up basic "cluster_health" watch (per the example in the Watcher docs), and had to use the "auth" parameter in the input section so that Shield would allow the watch to execute the command successfully. Problem is that these credentials also show up in the output in Kibana in the "result.input.http.request.auth.username" and "result.input.http.request.auth.password" fields. How do you prevent this information from being part of the result?

(Steve Kearns) #2

Hi Kevin,

Indeed, this is a problem we anticipated. If you have Shield installed, in addition to Watcher, you can encrypt this information automatically:

I hope that helps!

(system) #3