How to print matches in Elasticsearch and Kibana or Elasticsearch-py?

I have 2 example patterns, with the same column names.

pattern1* (index-1,index-2,index-3) col1 col2 col3 col4

pattern2* (index-5, index-6, index-7, index-8) col1 col2 col5

I want to automatically compare pattern1* and pattern2*, with col1 and col2 and find full matches and save it somewhere. Is it even possible with ES and Kibana or with Elasticsearch-py? I am new to ES.

Basically join function is not supported in Elasticsearch. But there could be some work around. What do you mean exactly by "full match" and "save it"?
The combination of the two fields(columns you said) is unique on both index groups? If not how to save the data of them? Cross join? Or do you need just those two fields?

What is the approximate size of the index and the size of matches?

And what do you mean by "automatically"?

Hello. ''Full match'' like { value and value } in Kibana search. ''Save it'' and ''automatically'' while using Elasticsearch-py (just to save output as csv, but that won't be problem if I compare those patterns I will export it as csv), in these two patterns most of the columns are the same, and hits in each patterns are about millions.

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