How to programaticaly get data from elastic stack using python

Dear All

My co worker deploy an elastc stack to process bunc of Apache access and dom logs.

Curently i can see via web ui kind of this:

I need to "extract" somedata from that view, minimal of: domain name and request url. i need to send notification like --> "please check this url"

since I have litle knowledge of python, I tried to play with kibana_api. current I can get each panel objects. but I don't know hot to extract the data.

kindly please tell me how to do that or what need tobe learned to do that things

Hi @Bino_Oetomo,

Welcome! The underlying data for this dashboard table will be stored in an Elasticsearch index, which you should be able to extract data from using the Elasticsearch Python client.

Specifically, looking at the connection and searching portions of the documentation should help you see the syntax.

Hope that helps!