How to put indice index rate by documents and by size on a Dashboard

Hello folks,

I'm trying to create a dashboard with some information about my indices. I see these metrics on Stack Monitoring > Indices but I would like to put those on a Dashboard.

So I see there is an indice .monitoring-es-8 with a whole lot of fields but I couldn't find any documentation describing what each of these fields actually are. So my goal is to create graphics on index rate by indice and potentially search rate too.

I'd appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance!

Hey Rodolfo,

beats/ at main · elastic/beats · GitHub has information on the fields emitted from the metricbeat elasticsearch module.

Both search & query stats show up in the elasticsearch.index.summary.* space and are broken down by primary vs total. They also have isolated time/count/bulk fields you can use depending on what you're trying to optimize.

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