Adding label-type metadata to indices for monitoring agregation

I have daily indices, named on the patern <project>-<client_id>-<date>.
I have monitoring enabled, and I am trying to create dashboards to figure out how much disk space is used by my indices.

The raw data is available (I'm using However, I would like to be able to group/filter based on the project or the client ID. The goal is to answer questions like "how much disk space is used by client X, and across which projects is that disk usage spread ?

While it's very easy to do outside of elastic (parse the name, add up everything, display the result), I haven't found a way to do this on kibana. I don't think scripted fields would work (since we want to do agregation), and I haven't found a way to attach metadata (such as client_id) to the index.

Appart from having a batch or task update each index_stats doc, is there a way I can group indexes on an arbitrary information ?

I haven't found a way to

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