Visualize Amount of Data written to elastic in the last 24h per Index

Hi folks,

I have following use case:

I want to have a visualization (lets say a gauge) which indicates how much data customer writes to an index in the last 24h

Can you help me about how I can achive this?

So far in the .monitoring-es* index I can read out which indicates (as far as I understood) total size of all primary shards in indices but how I am able to seperate it by different indices ?

appreciate any help

Do you have an index per customer?

I have some indices dedicated to certain platforms (such as kubernetes cluster logs), some dedicated to specific customer. So more generic description of the use case would be:

Create a visualization of data written to the cluster (for example as gauge GB/DAY) based on index name (how much data written to the index) or field of the document in an index (how much data written with field = xyz to the index = 123).

You can't do per field stats like that.
Otherwise look at the Monitoring functionality -

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