Sum index size based on unique identifier

I have data within Elasticsearch indexed by customer, i.e. index-custnumber-2022-w11, that I would like to sum index size per unique customer into a chart in Kibana. I can run curl -X GET "localhost:9200/_cat/indices/index-custnumber-*?v=true&s=index&pretty" to view the index sizes for each index but have not been able to visualize for reference on total space each customer is using within Kibana.

What is the best way to visualize this in Kibana?

Elasticsearch v7.16.3

Kibana v7.16.3

@flash1293 can we please get some help here?


Kibana visualizations can't access the meta information about indices directly. A workaround for that I can think of is to have a script running somewhere via cronjob which is fetching the index information (documents, size, customer id, ...) and indexing them again as regular documents into a separate index. Then Kibana will be able to build visualizations based on this new index.

Thank you for that information.

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