Visualize customerId mapped to customer name in e.g. Kibana table

We have reports entries like below and Visualize statistics from "reports" in a Kibana table.
But to show customerId=1 makes no sense so want to show them by their name that are defined in another Index in this case.
Looking around and can't seem to find anything useful, closest i found was "static lookup" but that seem to be deprecated in latest versions and there you would have to manually enter key/values.

Index: reports
{"customerId" : 1,"type" : "view","country" : "FI"}
{"customerId" : 1,"type" : "click","country" : "FI"}
{"customerId" : 2,"type" : "view","country" : "DE"}
{"customerId" : 3,"type" : "view","country" : "DE"}

Index: customers
{"Id" : 1,"name" : "Customer_1"}
{"Id" : 2,"name" : "Customer_2"}

The best option is probably to use an enrich policy: Enrich your data | Elasticsearch Guide [8.11] | Elastic

You can configure these in Stack Management → Index Management → Enrich Policies.

Thanks for you answer!
I undertand if there is no other way though I think it is really bad data management to have to enrich data in that way (if I understand it correctlly). So change of name would lead to have to update all documents in the index.
Much of the idea of having a seperate id and name is gone.
Actually i can't believe it is not supported, seems such a basic thing to have. Alreadu encountered this is several projects.

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