To get the data of Index size into Kibana Dashboards

Hi Team,

We have a request for you.. we need live dashboard with each application volumes per index in Kibana(7.15.1)

Firstly ,we would like to get to know about the volume of each and every indices in a unique dashboard for each and every apps (spaces.) in Kibana.

Secondly, these dashboard should be display the current volume of each and every indices for the unique spaces

On that note, we would request you to suggest any approaches from your end. so
as it would be very helpful for us to trace our indices volume in bytes on daily basis by dashboard.

We look forward to here from you soon. It would be great for quick response


This is not possible out of the box - however the Stack management > Index management page should cater to the same use case.

Not sure whether it's applicable to your case, but the Elasticsearch mapper size plugin adds a _size field to every document with the size of the source in bytes which can be aggregated in normal visualizations: Mapper Size Plugin | Elasticsearch Plugins and Integrations [8.3] | Elastic

In this case however keep in mind that the source is not the only thing stored per document in the cluster.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your response !!

Actually we are taking data from Index management page only. we would like to know to get the dashboard based on index management for each indices.
Please tell us Whether it could be possible based on our requirement?

Regarding for Elasticsearch mapper size plugin, where should we need to install this plugin whether it is DEV server or monitoring cluster?


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