How to put mapping by JAVA API

hi, guys

I met a problem that blockde me several days.

I want to put mapping for a field by JAVA API but failed. Following is detailded information:

My data struction is :
"mje-test-execution-id": "464b66ea6c914ddda217659c84a3cb9d",
"jvm-free-memory": 315245608,
"jvm-total-memory": 361758720,
"system-free-memory": 0,
"jvm-max-memory": 7600078848,
"system-total-memory": 34199306240,
"memory-time-stamp": "2020-03-12T05:12:16.835Z",
"mje-host-name": "CN-00015345",
"mje-test-suite-name": "SCF Test no mje version",
"mje-version": "1.8.7771-SNAPSHOT",
"mje-test-artifact-id": "msran-regression-tests",
"mje-test-version": "1.8.7771-SNAPSHOT",
"stp-id": "vran-stp"
"mje-test-location": {
"lat": 58.41,
"lon": 15.62
What I want to do is : put "mje-test-location" type to be "geo_point"

My code snippet :

public void postMapping(String indexName, String field, String type) throws IOException {
GetIndexRequest request = new GetIndexRequest(indexName);

    boolean exists = client.indices().exists(request, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);
    if (!exists) {"index {} does not exist. Now to post mapping.", indexName);
        PutMappingRequest putMappingRequest = new PutMappingRequest(indexName);
        XContentBuilder builder = XContentFactory.jsonBuilder();

                    builder.field("type", type);

        AcknowledgedResponse putMappingResponse = client.indices().putMapping(putMappingRequest,

        boolean acknowledged = putMappingResponse.isAcknowledged();
        if (acknowledged) {
  "Succeed to put mapping: field:{}, type: {}", field, type);
    }"Fail to put mapping due to index {} already exist, ", indexName);

Error info:

15:59:54.397 [main] DEBUG org.elasticsearch.client.RestClient - request [PUT] returned [HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request]
org.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchStatusException: Elasticsearch exception [type=action_request_validation_exception, reason=Validation Failed: 1: mapping type is missing;]

ElasticSearch JAVA API Version : <>7.0.0</>

I will be grateful if anyone can give me your help.


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