How to re-use helm to create 2 ES and kibana cluster?

I have k8s 1.17.4 and helm 2.16.5 installed in my Data Center (on premise k8s) and I intent to install elasticsearch and kibana on k8s.

I setup ES with the following commands.

cd elasticsearch/examples/security make secrets
$ make install

and setup Kibana with these commands

cd kibana/examples/security make secrets
$ make install

Installation works perfectly and I can see pods, services and nodePort all working. But when I access it via browser, I got https cert issue.

Here is the challenge I am facing is that the cert generated has a friendly name = "security-master"
$ cd elasticsearch/examples/security ;make secrets

And my k8s host is something else.

Do I need to change the friendly name to match my k8s host name since I use NodePort to export the service?

How do I generate SSL cert for Kibana?

Hi @Mui_Chun_Lim,

The instructions in elasticsearch/examples/security and kibana/examples/security are only provided as example. You should modify them to match your environment.

As for generating a certificate for Kibana, you can find instructions in Kibana documentation.

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