Create ssl certs and place them inside elasticsearch yml


I have created an es cluster inside an existing k8s cluster.
Cluster is up but when i try login initially to the page of kibana it asks for the "enrolment token" that i have to create with ... --scope kibana.
For to do that i have to enable tls ssl xpac. I can then get to the es pod to create it.

But if i restart es to get the changes, all my additions are lost.
Plus i need to do it in all 3 pods of es.
Is there a solution to pass all these to the statefull yaml of es??

Plus the fact that if i try to select "Configure Manually" I cannot see to find with is the address of my Elasticsearch host since its all pods in aks.
Do i have to declare them in the dns or something for kibana ui to be able to connect them?

Can you direct me somewhere?

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