Securing ELK

Hi all,
I'm working on securing my lab elk stack and running into a roadblock.
I've been following this guide very closely and parts of the stack like to throw a fit about the cert.

The only step I havent followed to a T is the instance.yml section. My home lab setup is using hostnames such as elastic, logstash and kibana which I put in the instance.yml config. I also dont have multiple elastic nodes as I am trying to become familiar with the basics before going up a level so to speak.

The most common error(s) seem to revolve around the ip not being in the cert (does not match the certificate subject provided by the peer ). Does anyone have a better guide? I've gotten elastic and kibana to communicate through tls and https but not logstash. Any resources/tips would be appreciated I'm fairly new to cert signing which also doesnt help my problem.

Blog posts are generally nice to get you the general idea or when your use case is exactly the same as the one described in the post. For all other cases, you should by much better off reading the actual documentation.

See here for example

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