How to redirect my application to a session of a certain index on Kibana


I am developing a javascript application that will complete my use of Kibana, the frontend is in React and I use NodeJS with the Express framework for the backend.

In my application I display a table that shows all the sessions that have been requested by the user (later there will also be features to make aggregates as I use the Basic version of elastic stack).
I would like to add a button in the table for each session that would then redirect to the corresponding Kibana session.

Can you point me in the right direction to do this please? I tried to find some docs on Kibana but I only found this API: Rest_API_Kibana, which doesn't seem to offer what I want. Would you have any links to documentation on this subject please?

I would have to manage from my javascript code to connect to Kibana, go to the right index, then display the session requested by the user and then retrieve the resulting URL.

Thanks in advance if you take the time to help me.

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