Request Response handling in Kibana


I am trying to understand how the Kibana making request to elastic server and how the response is handled from elastic server to Kibana.

I have go through the request.js, url.js,index.js but I can't able to get it.

For Example I trying to understand the visualization parts that means how the saved list is showing the Kibana UI and click on the single item it showing the particular item details.

How the request is going from kibana to elastic server and reverse how the response is handling from elastic server to Kibana.


Hey there,

I'm sorry, but we can't offer much assistance with regards to the internals of Kibana -- on these forums, we're more focused on helping people use Kibana as a product.

However, we can try to work on refactoring any logic you find confusing. If you would like to describe specific aspects of the code that you find confusing and propose possible solutions, then you can file an issue on the Kibana repo and we can try to help improve the code.



Thanks for your response. I will do that.

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