Kibana interacting with Elasticsearch

Hi All,

I was exploring the Kibana as one of our solutions for Observability. Had 2 queries:

Q: How does Kibana interact with the elasticsearch? Does it internally call the same elasticsearch APIs that are already exposed?
Q: Are there any Kibana APIs exposed similar to elasticsearch's search query? (/_search)


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  1. Yep, it does to get the data and display the results.
  2. Yes but not search, more around management. Not all of them are documented - they are works in progress. Check out
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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the inputs!
Could you give a bit more context, if possible, on how Kibana calls the elasticsearch API?

Much Appreciated!

It uses the nodejs framework to make HTTP(S) calls to the API.
Not sure how much deeper you want to go sorry?

Yea, just wanted to understand the flow Mark and slightly reduce the time to search the source code :slight_smile:

Does Kibana support the functionality to call external API's other than the ES nodejs framework?

I don't know it on that level so can't comment sorry, maybe someone else can chime in :slight_smile:

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