Http curl queries. is possible?


I need to ask a question, maybe a little stupid ...

Is it possible to query the kibana web console by http and curl?

Is there a way for this to return the data from the query?


Welcome to our community! :smiley:

It does have an API, yes. What sort of things are you looking to query Kibana for?

Excuse me, let me explain better.

I only have access to the server through port 80. For this reason, I need to be able to query by making the call against the kibana website.

This would return the information in a structured way (xml ...)??

This is not supported so could go away in future versions.

POST - http://localhost:5601/api/console/proxy?path=_search&method=GET
Body - {query: {match_all: {}}}
Header - kbn-xsrf=true

Will return JSON.

thanks aaron.

That was what I needed to know.

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