Using Kibana internal console API

I have kibana-(v5.0.1) . I have used the kibana internal console API ( with serach query as param to search for kibana log and processing them.

Recently when i tried to use the same API against (kibana -v5.4.0) which is in another server , I got nginx error .

I have a set of questions here :

  1. What I am doing is wrong to get the log using Kibana API ?

  2. Why I'm getting this error. Is the newer versions of Kibana developed to block the use of internal API outside/other applications ?

  3. Is there any console RestApi to query Kibana log ?

  4. Whether the nginx error is due to the server/by kibana itself ?

My overall goal is to query the Kibana from my application . I'm new to these ELK concepts. Please anyone direct me in right path ..

Thanks in Advance.

If you want to query data via the APIs then just go directly to Elasticsearch.

Hi.. thanks ..

Yeah thats correct. But I want to query Kibana irrespective of n number of Elastic configured to my Kibana.
In our case Users will know only about Kibana not the elastic details.
Is there any other-way we can achieve the same ?

What about using a coordinating node?

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