API to query elastic search data


I have been able to set up Filebeat, Logstash, ES to read the Apache logs and index it in ES. I, however, want to leverage indexed data to build some sort of analytics.

For instance; how many requests came from a specific IP in last 30 minutes, etc.

Does ES provide some API which we can leverage to query the indexed data?


Why not use Kibana?

I have set up kibana also but will it allow putting logic around logs.

For instance; consider the following use cases:

  1. Show a graph depicting requests coming from IPs. Example: IP0001 15 requests, so on and so forth
  2. Display time taken by requests in last 1 hour

Also we would like to show a dashboard to our dev ops. team to monitor all these scenarios.

Can we achieve this in kibana?


Yes, that is the whole premise of it :slight_smile:

In Kibana, i see my data under "DISCOVER" option only and that too in a simple raw form, the same way I see it in log files.

My intent is to get more meaninful data and apply aggregation on top of it which I am not sure how to do it.

can you point me to resource or guide me on how to achieve it?


@agrawalsaurabh Hope the following URL will help you to play around with Kibana!

Have a read of https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/index.html

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