How to reduce fuzziness in App search & reduce irrelevant search results?

We get lots of extra results in we search for a particular key word which might not be a direct match and causes the results to be irrelevant,
For example,
If I search for "whale" , i get "whale", "whale_test" as expected but also "whatever" , "whatsapp" in results,
Though the others have a lesser score i want to avoid such results,

We also tried with "whale" with quotes however it only returns exact match even skipped "whale_test"

Please help with your suggestions on how to reduce irrelevant search results also having some level of fuzziness present.

Thank you,

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Hi Subhasis,

The new precision tuning feature sounds exactly like what you're looking for!

You can use precision tuning to search with a different level of precision and recall—​tightening or loosening the term and phrase requirements needed for a document to be considered a match to a given query.

Hope that helps,

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Hi Subhasis, if you are using API to query Elastic, then you might want to provide more parameters. We use the fuzzy parameter on 'auto' and that is default. With parameters described here:
Fuzzy query | Elasticsearch Guide [7.15] | Elastic

you should be able to control the fuzzyness in more detail (transpositions ok?, how many characters may be fuzzy? etc.)

Hope this helps!

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