Precision tuning uses low-level and disables fuzzy queries

Now we have difficulty querying here.

I want to adjust precision-tuning to a low level (less than 8), and I don't want it to use Fuzzy queries.

I also don't find a parameter like fuzziness to control it.

Is there any other idea to achieve it?

Hi @ZE_Share !

There is no way at the moment to fine-tune precision tuning to not using fuzziness below value 8.

As a workaround, you could obtain the underlying Elasticsearch query that is being used via the Search Explain API, remove the fuzzy query clause from it, and issue it via the Elasticsearch search API.

You can also check Search Applications, which allows you to fine-tune the query to be done to Elasticsearch using templates. Keep in mind that some relevance settings like curations and synonyms are not yet available for Search Applications.

okay, thank you.

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