How to reduce the log size?

Hi Team,

Sorry if this question is already answered. I have a serious problem, My each log in Elasticsearch is about 2 MB (My indices now are around 350 GB), I am confused Is that the expected behavior from Elasticsearch or some weird going on my application ?

Thanks in advance.

What is the total raw data volume you have ingested?

I am sorry, How can I check the data volume ?

What does the cat indices API say about this index/indices? How large are your raw documents?

/var/lib/elasticsearch/nodes/0/indices ----> 312G

I went into particular index then i have --> 0 1 2 3 4 _state (states)

/var/lib/elasticsearch/nodes/0/indices/03ZVSj4iQvW8sQziqfKfsg/0/index ---> i have docs here

where all the docs are around --> 260K

just to be clear i have 40 indices now which takes ~ 312G

What is the output of the API I asked about?

Below are the samples

Nov -2
green open logstash-2017.11.02 -thc3P_8TjmMUkkDntpKGQ 5 1 61648586 0 19.7gb 9.8gb

Nov -1
green open logstash-2017.11.01 tJJ3LosfTASQ3PBJ4x8_gw 5 1 65746826 0 21.9gb 10.9gb

It looks like each record takes up around 170 bytes per shard. If you are looking to reduce this I would recommend optimise your mappings as described in the documentation and this blog post.

Thanks for the info, will check the documention

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