How to reindex ES1.7.1 indices to another index?

Hi Experts,

I have following indices in ES 1.7.1 and i want to reindex all of them into a new index with new settings , mapping and i also want to remove some fields .I am using alias for all the indices it is "cef"


-->I understand that best option would be, reindex whole data using LS , but problem is due to large size of the data file I zipped it and moved it to another place .So it is a very lengthy and tedious process for me to get back that zipped file and then reindex it .


Is it possible that I can reindex my existing indices with new settings , mapping into a new index without facing the above difficulty ? In other words how I can send data from above indices to another index which will have updated settings and Mapping ?

You could use tools like knapsack, elasticsearch exporter or elasticdump - They all have the features you are looking for.

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Also a full tutorial here:

Thanks David

I am following this tutorial only from last 1 hour hope I will be able to implement it :slight_smile: