How to remove master nodes from the elasticsearch cluster

How could I delete two master nodes that are in my cluster, I currently have 3 master nodes, the cluster version is 7.17.

thank you

You need to have at least 2 eligible master nodes + 1 master node in the cluster.

Once you have that, you can just stop the master only nodes, one by one.

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You can scale-down the master nodes to 1 if you want, although it's definitely better to have 3 in many cases. The manual describes how:


Hello good morning DavidTurner!

I followed the documentation you recommended and it was successful! I was able to remove the master nodes and only keep one in the cluster.

I did it like this and it worked wonderfully.
Thank you dadoonet!

Why are you reducing to only 1 master eligible node? Are you moving to a single-node cluster?

Hi Christian
My idea is to temporarily have a cluster on a single node, then upgrade the other nodes to version 8.10 and then migrate the data from the old cluster to the new one.

That seems like an unnecessarily complicated approach. Why not just do a normal rolling upgrade node-by-node?

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