Need to remove two Node out of three node Elasticsearch clusters

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Need guidelines for how to remove two Nodes out of three Node in Elastic Cluster without data loss

we have install Elasticsearch in single node but it has connected three node which is early install still it's taking part of current elastic environment.

Have checked bring down two node's which is not of installation , we can see their data loss in my application it's around 40% data missing .

need Guidelines how to move all the data into ONE Node which is part of our installation.

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A single node puts you at risk of data loss. You are better off keeping the 3 nodes you have.

If you need to remove them, then use allocation filtering to move data off the other two, then shut them down.

If you are using Elasticsearch 7.x you need to relocate the data as warkolm describes but also manually exclude nodes from voting as you will remove more than half of the currently eligible master nodes. Just moving data and then shutting down the nodes will not work for Elasticsearch 7.x.

If you are on an earlier version you can probably simply move data, change the minimum_master_nodes setting and shut down the nodes.

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Thanks for your input.

My stack installed with Single Node , the remaining two Node's connected old setup which is already removed form the elastic config but when browse the cluster details it shows three node ..which is making big issue here .

do we have any query to move the data one node to another post that i can uninstalled the remain node's

As of now the 'minimum_master_nodes' setting will be as Elastic hence the remain node's not part of installation which is are available same domain as earlier Application installation.

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