How to Remove old value and replace it with new value in Kibana

We have an Automation process wherein we process Transaction Input as "ECO Number" and as it get processed ,the output of the ECO Number with Status is displayed on the Kibana Dashboard.
According to our process we update all ECO's as Pending in the Initial steps and then as each ECO gets processed accordingly the status of the particular ECO gets updated on the Kibana Dashboard.
In the below scenerio we processed 3 ECO Numbers (ECO-66666,ECO-44444,ECO-33333).
But for every Transaction a new record is displayed on the Kibana dashboard.
Our concern is to replace the Duplicate ECO Number with the Current Status on the Kibana Dashboard.
In the below Scenario ECO-66666 with Status "Pending" should be removed and replaced with "Business Exception".

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