How to represent output of complex query in dashboard

I have complex query in kibana. How to represent that output in dashboard?
I am writing the query in kibana console How to represent that in the visulize form
see the below question for further explanation.

It is virtually impossible for someone to answer this unless you provide a lot more detail...

do you use kibana console?

I do not understand exactly what you are doing or trying to achieve. Please provide more information.

Hello @A_google_user

Without more information is hard to help you.

But if for a kibana complex query (with dev tools in query DSL) you mean subagregations or agregations not shipped in kibana visualizations you should use Vega visualizations it allows you to code the visualization taking a query as input



Let's say We run a query in dev tool How to visually represent that query output in graph ?

@Christian_Dahlqvist Have you used dev tool ?

You can't.

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Did you understand my issue?

I understood that you want to visualize the output of a query you are running in dev tools.

If not, feel free to be more specific.

Yeah,You are right.That is my problem.

What is the use case?

So I have attached my document type in question. The data comes from app. Stores use this app. A store is considered online for an hour if one or more heartbeat type event comes in an hour. So I want to find out percentage of hours device was online for custom range of dates.

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