How to reset built in elastic password?

Hi Team,
I have lost my password for the built-in user "elastic". Please help me to recover the password. Or else shall I do change password for the same user in Kibana "users" page?
If I change the password means anything i need to change in Configuration file?
Thanks in advance.


You can simply use Change Passwords API explained here: Change passwords API | Elasticsearch Reference [7.11] | Elastic
If you do not have any access to change your password, you can create a superuser, login with that user and then change your password using the command-line API or Kibana UI itself. As the document says: Create or update users API | Elasticsearch Reference [7.11] | Elastic
You will need to provide your username password in kibana.yml to access your dashboard as well:

elasticsearch.username: "username"
elasticsearch.password: "your_password"

This also might help you: I lost the password that has been changed


Thanks alot for your reply.
That helps.!!!!!

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Glad it helped you! :smiley:

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