How to resolve red cluster status after trying to add a new node

Hi All,

I had a three nodes ES cluster running fine and I tried to add a new node
to the cluster. I took down one node, and put the new node into the cluster
with other two nodes and hopefully the new node will get the data
replicated. But I could not get the cluster status to green - it could only

"unassigned_shards": 5

with a YELLOW status after many tries.

Then I tried to put back the original node to the cluster and try to get
back to working state. Now I got:

"unassigned_shards": 10

With a RED status!

Assuming I could afford some data loss, how would I get the cluster back to

Is there any way we could resolve the RED cluster state without losing data
in this situation?

Why adding a new node to the cluster stuck at the yellow state?

I am running ES 1.4.2

I appreciate all helps!


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