How to restore a cluster from the snapshot of the local machine

Hi, guys.
I need to restore a cluster to the server's elasticsearch engine from a snapshot that is on my local machine.
In this case, how can I set the path.repo in the server's elasticsearch.yml?

Thanks in advance.

You will need to set up the path.repo
path.repo: '/valid/location/of/repo'
and the snapshot per doc then restore including global state


Things that I did to restore the cluster are as following:

  • made a snapshot from the server elasticsearch
  • downloaded the repo from the server to my local machine (mac)
  • installed ubuntu server to virtualbox on my local machine
  • installed elasticsearch and kibana to the ubuntu server installed
  • made the shared folder between the mac and the ubuntu server that includes the downloaded repo
  • set the path.repo to the shared folder in ubuntu server elasticsearch yml.

But after that, elasticsearch doesn't work.

Original elasticsearch version - 6.5
New elasticsearch version - 7.1

Is that possible?
What am I wrong?


What does this mean
Is elasticsearch not starting (if so; check the log why) ?
or is there an error when you try to create the snapshot repo (PUT /_snapshot/my_backup from doc)

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