How to run Background in kibana

how to run background in kibana .we are installing tar file.

I am starting ./kibana .

Well you can do kibana &, but that's a little basic.

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Yes ,

Thanks Warkolm,

we are using every time in services only.
systemctl start kibana.service

how to stop kibana in Linux, and how to check status for kibana is runing or not.
Could you please tell me.

Use the service command then.

service command not working.

kibana is tar file . we can download and unzip it. After i run ./kibana.

@bvnages if you install kibana via deb/rpm it will automatically create init scripts so you can start/stop with service kibana start/service kibana stop.

we are not installed in rpm.

we are download in tar file only.and unzipped and run it .

@bvnages if that's the case, then you're left to create the init scripts yourself based on the Linux OS that you're running. If you were to install via rpm, it would create these for you.

Thanks ,

we are using RHEL os
But how to create init scripts.
Could you please tell me.

@bvnages is there a reason you don't want to install using the .rpm? It will create these init scripts for you.

My application manager was saying you need to install tar file only.
Because we need to backup any server issues time.

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