How to run kibana docker container on port 80

Hi every one ,
I'm new in elk and now i'm using kibana with the port 5601

docker run -d --name=kibana --restart=unless-stopped --link elasticsearch:elasticsearch -p 5601:5601 kibana:5.2

What i need is to run the kibana container using the port 80

This is what i do :

docker run -d --name=kibana --restart=unless-stopped --link elasticsearch:elasticsearch -p 80:80 -p 5601:5601 kibana:5.2

but i got any result by puttin just my "Hostname in the navigator"

I also crete a new file kibana.yml and i uncommented the line that identify the port and i repaced 5601 by 80

This what i did after that :

docker run -d --name=kibana --restart=unless-stopped --link elasticsearch:elasticsearch -v ./config/kibana.yml:/etc/kibana/kibana.yml -p 80:80 kibana:5.2

docker exec -it <container_name> bash
my config is applied inside the container , but i still can't access via port 80.

Maybe try keeping it running on 5601 inside the container but mapping it to port 80 when exposing it on the host? e.g. -p 80:5601

I've had a lot of success with docker-compose with I edited the docker-compose.yml file to do just this, keeping it on 5601 internally but exposing on port 80.

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Thank you for your respinse , this is cool , reelly i try mani times but this is the only condition that i didn't think about , this is work for me now

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