Using Kibana on Docker

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Hello !

I want to use elasticsearch and kibana in Docker, I used for each one of them a container, elasticsearch works well, but kibana no, I pulled the image and when i tried to run it with this command

docker run -p 5601:5601 -e "" -e ""

it shows this

No living connection

There's anyone already work's with Docker ?

Please help me, in how to install kibana in Docker and how to connect it with elasticsearch ?

beacause i looked at the documentation but it's no clear.

please help !!!


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Take a look at

Kibana is trying to use the elasticsearch hostname by default, which would work if you connected the elasticsearch container to the kibana container (like we do in the stack-docker).

If you don't want to explicitly connect the two containers you can specify an alternate hostname and port with the ELASTICSEARCH_URL environment variable

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thanks, in the documentation I didn't understande where I've to put this document kibana.yml ????

and what is the command line witch I've to put ??

Bind-mounted configuration ??

Please help me

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