How to run Logstash on Debian?


After reading this blog post I wanted to try out Mysql-Elasticsearch integration and downloaded all listed components and installed them, but did not found out, how should I run Logstash?

For my surprise logstash-7.7.0.deb package:

  • does not list any dependencies
  • does not include it's own Java (as does Elasticsearch)
  • does not include any init-script to run it as service

Documentation says:

Logstash is not started automatically after installation. How to start and stop Logstash depends on whether your system uses systemd, upstart, or SysV.

And later:

Logstash places the systemd unit files in /etc/systemd/system for both deb and rpm.

But there is no init-files anywhere. How should I use Logstash to try out the example above? Do I need separate Java for it or could it use the one in Elastisearch tree?

I don't know almost anything about Logstash and I wanted it to install only as link between Elasticsearch and Mysql, but I think it should run as a deamon all the time.



I removed installed deb:

sudo apt remove logstash

and installed from repo as guided here.

Logstash init-script is added correctly and I can run logstash.



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