Start logstash after debian package installation

My goal here is to create a graph from the data in a csv file. I've installed Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash on an Ubuntu 16.04 server, all via the debian package. Now some tutorial I'm following is telling me i can load to data into elasticsearch by using this command from within the logstash home directory:
bin/logstash -f /home/ubuntu/data/logstash-csv.config
However this doesn't work, even when I specify the location of my logstash.yml and (I suppose it's because i've installed the debian package, and i should start services with the systemctl command)
Now my question is: How should I start logstash and tell him that I want to use the /home/ubuntu/data/logstash-csv.config file.

I'm an elasticsearch beginner, so sorry if I'm not being clear.

Thank you very much!

However this doesn't work

What happens?

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