How I can set up logstash with debian packages

I feel like it is a waste of time to deal with Debian packages,
can anyone tell me how I can set up logstash with Debian packages?

I followed the instruction on elastic website, how can i access to logstash conf file how can i do that.

ubuntu@ip-1xx-xx-x-x:~/ELK$ ls
elasticsearch-7.5.2-amd64.deb  kibana-7.5.2-amd64.deb  logstash-7.5.2.deb
ubuntu@ip-1xx-xx-x-x:~/ELK$ cd logstash-7.5.2.deb
-bash: cd: logstash-7.5.2.deb: Not a directory

It looks like you have downloaded the packages directly, rather than using the repos, as per the docs. In that case you will need to run sudo dpkg -i logstash-7.5.2.deb to install it.

i did the installation, Kibana and ES are up are running, i wondering how i can access those folders? goes into where things live.

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