How to run multiple logstash conf file in single machine using logstash 6.2.4

  1. I have downloaded and extract logstash 6.2.4 on linux machine on /opt/mount1 drive .
  2. Created 5 conf files in bin directory.
  3. When i give /opt/mount1/logstash6.2.4/data in logstash.yml fiel i am able to run 2 conf file but while running 3rd conf file getting error instance already running.

Please help to run all 5 files on same machine.

Do you really need to run multiple instances of Logstash? That's usually not necessary and is rather wasteful of resources (primarily RAM).

But if you insist, the data directory must be unique to each instance. You can use different logstash.yml files or use the option when starting Logstash.

I need to run all 5 conf files , is it possible to run all 5 config file using single logstash instance?

Yes, look at multiple pipelines in the docs.

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