How to save a time range in kibana?

I've seen in some kibana instances that instead of selecting the preconfigured range (1 day, 7 days, etc) you can store a custom timerange with a name. Any idea how to do it?


What do you mean by a custom timerange with a name ? I know that we can custom the timerange with any value not necessarily a preconfigured range but a name i really don't know ! Can you upload a screen where you want to do that ?

Hi @A_Mightiev

Kibana - Stack Management -Advanced Settings - Time Picker

You can set up your own just like the "Last 15 minutes" or you can make one very specific to a time range you want and give it a label.

You will see the current list and just add one in that you want

Of course you can also do a saved search but then that's only on Discover.

yes this is what I was looking!

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