How to save expanded view for search object in dashboard

(Yong Zhang) #1

Hi, all

Here're my steps and questions (Kibana version 5.5.0):

  1. save a search object from discovery.
  2. create a dashboard, and select the search object above.
  3. click the "expand" button below:

  1. save dashboard
  2. close my browser, then re-open kibana web ui, click dashboard > my saved dashboard above, found the view is in a small size in the upper left corner but not expanded, see below picture:

  1. so my question is, is it possible to save the expanded view for search object in dashboard?

Thanks for the help.

(Felix Stürmer) #2

Hi @Yong_Zhang,

saving the expansion state is not supported right now. If you want the the visualization to always take up the full width of the dashboard, I would suggest to just resize the visualization to take up all columns of the dashboard grid.

(system) #3

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