Adding new button to saved search object to export saved search object raw data from dashboard

current Kibana version: 6.3.2

to get the next feature:

I need to upgrade Kibana version to 7.3.0

now before I do that I have to ask..
I added saved search object to my dashboard
that saved search have no filters, and it shows all the data
I just wanted it to be perfectly impacted from my dashboard changes
to see the raw data that is relevant my dashboard shot
so that object is affected from filters in the dashboard and it's the goal

I need it so I can export the raw data that was filtered with the help of my dashboard filters and visualizations

but If I press the edit visualization button of the saved search object (so I can export data to CSV with reporting tool) then I get to Discover page with the saved search of the object without any changes that was made by dashboard visualizations and filters

and I get it, the reason is that the saved search object can be in multiple dashboards so it can't be affected by any of them

now, if I could export the raw data that is presented in that saved search object while it's in my dashboard, I could export the raw data that is relevant for my specific dashboard shot
so I want to ask if I could achieve this goal with the next feature:

xpack.reporting.csv.enablePanelActionDownload: true


Liron Gofberg

Hi @liron_gofberg
I'm testing on 7.8 just to be sure and I can confirm that the CSV created from a table or saved object search in a dashboard is created taking into consideration all the applied filters, so with that you can download your filtered raw data directly from the dashboard

It’s working for me too💪🏻

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