How to save security configuration between cluster reinstall?

How to save security configuration between Elasticsearch cluster reinstallation?
Are the volumes attached to the Elasticsearch pods persistent and can be reattached to the new installation?
Or is snapshot and restore the only way?

  1. Currently, snapshot is the only option.
  2. In theory if your volume provisioner is configured to retain the persistent volumes you could reattach them to a new cluster. We have a script that does that here But that's meant for desaster recovery and not for regular and planned operations
  3. We are thinking about adding an option to allow users to specify whether they want the persistent volume claims to be retained after they delete a Elasticsearch cluster. This would allow you to just recreate an Elasticsearch cluster with the same name and you would get your data back.
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Is snapshot-restore of security configuration an x-pack feature?

No, it's base functionality - Snapshot and restore | Elasticsearch Reference [7.11] | Elastic

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