How to search punctuation in the discover page?

I search message:"<-- 500"

if I want to search message:"<-- " there is no result. I try message:"<--", also no result.

@tsullivan s going to take this one :slight_smile:

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Most likely this is a case where <-- can't be searched because those characters aren't picked up by the analyzer that processes the message at index time. The 500 is tokenized, but the <-- isn't.

Elasticsearch has an API to test the standard analyzer, which allows you to see the tokens that are found in a message. Try this in Console:

POST _analyze
  "analyzer": "standard",
  "text": "hello <-- 500"

The result looks something like this:

  "tokens": [
      "token": "hello",
      "start_offset": 0,
      "end_offset": 5,
      "type": "<ALPHANUM>",
      "position": 0
      "token": "500",
      "start_offset": 10,
      "end_offset": 13,
      "type": "<NUM>",
      "position": 1

There are a few options you have to enable this workflow, but the solutions will all be steps to take in the setup of this index.

One option is to create a template that applies to newly created indices in this pattern, and specify a custom analyzer, using a tokenizer that will recognize those characters as a token. The whitespace tokenizer will do that:

POST _analyze
  "analyzer": "whitespace",
  "text": "hello <-- 500"

Another option is to add a field that can be searched on, only for documents with a message that has those characters. In other words, you can create an ingest node pipeline with a grok pattern that looks for <-- in incoming data. When it finds the match, it can add a field that will help you find all those documents in a search.

@tsullivan thanks very much, it's OK now.
And Here's another question to ask, when I search in Dev Tools tab and set size:500

sometimes, the kibana will become Red,

Is it due to timeout or too much cold data?

If Kibana status is "red," it means that one or more of the plugins have a red status. You gave a cropped screenshot of the status page, but on that same page will be a table of all the plugins and their status. If any of them aren't green, there will be a status message that should have some helpful info.

thanks very much :grinning:

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