How to search UTF-8 characters in Elastic Search

I have UTF-8 characters ingested into Elastic search. They got ingested as Json String. When I try to search the documents using Search Query I am getting Parse Error as below:

Parse Error:

reason : Cannot parse 'm-attributes.a_path_url:Gällande/PP/Batchprotocololl Kvalitetskontroll/lk000131.pdf' Lexical error at line 1 ,column 82. encountered after "/lk000131.pdf""

Search Query : http://localhost:9200/system_metadata_index/_search?q=m-attributes.a_path_url:Gällande/PP/Batchprotocololl Kvalitetskontroll/lk000131.pdf

Document in Elastic Search: a_path_url:Gällande/PP/Batchprotocololl Kvalitetskontroll/lk000131.pdf

But when I search without UTF-8 characters, search is working fine. Please guide me how to search UTF-8 characters using search query.

I searched regarding UTF-8 characters. But i could not get the right answer.

just an assumption here: maybe the URL encoding on your side is not correct. In order to rule that out, can you use a the body of a HTTP request for search and use something like this

POST system_metadata_index/_search
  "query" : {
    "query_string" : {
            "query" : "m-attributes.a_path_url:Gällande/PP/Batchprotocololl Kvalitetskontroll/lk000131.pdf"

Hey Alex! Thank you for your response..yeah i tried this and works like a charm..But is it a good practice to send json query over HTTP get request?

Also, I cannot use Elasticsearch 7.0 due to compatability issues with Java 1.7 in our system..So i have to send it as a URI query...

All the elasticsearch versions support this kind of query since the very early beginning.

I would always opt for the approach I outlined compared to passing the query as part of the URL and have the hassle of proper URL encoding and escaping.

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