Elastic Search Language Based


I have created one index and into that index, I have created two documents, one document contains data in English language and another document contains data in the Japanese language. but when I am searching data of Japanese language using query (GET /index_name/_search?pretty=true&q=είναι) it is showing error as "Illegal request-target, unexpected character"
Is I need to the analyzer for different languages Please help me into this?


You need to make sure that you are sending your text in UTF8 encoding.

My 2 cents

Hi David,

I can't able to understand, can you please give me an example with my search text (είναι)?


How do you launch this query?

I am using kibana and sending a query like this

GET /test/_search?pretty=true&q=είναι

Is your browser set to use UTF8 character encoding?

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