Retrieving Japanese characters as junk

(Karuppasamy Natarajan) #1

I am storing both English and Japanese in the same field. Data getting stored correctly. But while Retrieving the data, japanese characters coming as junk. URI request is working fine. Only Query Request is having this issue. should i include anything specific in query request?

(Joshua Rich) #2

This sounds like a character encoding issue in your client. You should make sure your query client is speaking UTF-8.

As a side note, you should not mix languages like this, see the Pitfalls of Mixing Languages chapter from the definitive guide. Try to aim for either one language per document or one language per field, and/or use one of the strategies listed in Mixed-Language Fields.

Finally, not sure if you are using it, but you probably want to look at using the kuromoji plugin for analyzing the Japanese text.

(Karuppasamy Natarajan) #3

Its working fine i.e able to retrieve mixed languages when using URI request. But the problem is only when using Query Request

(system) #4