How to send Cisco devices logs to Logstash?


I want to send the Cisco switch logs to ELK stack? Is below procedure correct ?

Sentd logs from Cisco switch to Rsyslog server

Install filebeat on Rsyslog server

Step-3: enable Filbeat Cisco module

Step-4: create Filebeat CIsco piplines

Step-4: send logs from filebeat to Logstash

Please correct me if i am wrong. If is there any another process please let me know.

Hi @PraveenKT,

That approach would work. although you don't really need the Rsyslog server. Filebeat has a syslog input that can receive logs. Just enable the module and configure it's syslog input to listen on (to receive from the network).

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I’ve found with filebeat you can send output to

  1. elasticsearch
  2. logstash (and eventually es)

With option one you can install the filebeat es pipeline that will parse the syslog properly. If you go with logstash you have to create your own patterns or just have everything in the message field
Please correct me if I’m wrong

You can also not use filebeat at all and use logstash input to ingest logs and output those to es

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