Sent Logs from Cisco ASA to ELK (OS Ubuntu 18.04)

Good afternoon, I have a server ELK (OS Ubuntu 18.04), the network gateway (CISCO ASA) store all logs and send to Gray LOG, but i want that these logs been sents to ELK (filebeat>logstash>elasticsearch>kibana).
How can i do this?

You can use the Syslog input in Filebeat. Just point your Cisco ASA gateway to send the logs to Filebeat via syslog.

In the next 7.2.0 version, Filebeat will include a module to parse Cisco ASA logs.

I created a archive at (/etc/logstash/conf.d/input-beat-1.conf) and tried to configure the archive, but i am not receive updates in my dashboard. :frowning:

Where exactly can i put it/ configure it?

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